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(spoken: se'lest de: mo:nial)

Your mistress - so close and yet beyond your reach.

I invite you for an exquisite trip into the realm of your craving and profound abyss.
Flow along in this outstanding experience and your pulse will reach undreamed-of levels.

Authenticity and intransigence - physically and mentally

I'm not into cliché-ridden behaviors or (from whoever) standardized BDSM rules.

For me, this is not a game, I'm not playing a role. This is who I am, and I do what ever pleases me. From you as my slave
I expect always remain true to yourself, not fooling around. Neither I want that a pure masochist bend over backwards
to submissively serving me, nor a submissive slave will drown in extreme pain.

Certainly, I'm not a so called bizarre lady, nor a latex-queen, I don't want to be it and never will be.
My world is a dark one – very morbid, one which gives you the opportunity to leave life’s realities behind - the ultimate
escapism. You will show me who and how you really are, without any masquerade, status symbols, custom clothes
and stereotyped thinking – you only need to make the first step and we can let the journey begin.

Quality instead of quantity

It has to tingle, then the experience will be as it should be.

You will experience with me, what is pulsing deep in your heart - what is surging outwards.
I will smother you. I will command you, physically and mentally, just like I want it.

Your longing is almost unbearable, for being able to see the fiery glint in my eyes.
And you will learn to know, that behind a little smile can also lurk a malicious mind.

Beginners will be introduced professionally in my world of SM.

Presents for your mistress

You want to buy me a present?
Here you can find some possibilities to please me.

Always use this Email for vouchers:

Amazon voucher
Killstar voucher (only for UK store!)
Lauensteiner voucher

If you want to bring me a little present to our session, here are my preferences:

Brands: Patrice Catanzaro, Honour, Killstar, Noir Handmade, Punk Rave, Phaze, Lip Service
Size: 36
Material: Wetlook, PVC, Leather, Mesh
Parfum: Bottega Veneta / Therry Mugler - Angel / Chanel Nr 5 / YSL Opium
Lipstick colour: intensive red / violette / dusky pink
Chocolate: Lauensteiner Latte Sal

DON'T bring flowers!